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Naas AFC are delighted with the support shown for our club's Grassroots Fundraiser, it is of great benefit to our club. By joining you will make a big difference and you also have a chance to win the jackpot.

Funds raised are used to improve our club's facilities, for example, to upgrade pitch lighting, replace netting and a new generator to facilitate league-approved matches/training under lights with top-class facilities everyone can be proud of. It's really easy to join and only takes a minute! We hope that the €2.50 per line option will allow everybody to contribute.

If you can contribute €5 for 3 lines or €10 for 7 lines it would be hugely appreciated, and you never know you might just win! Thank you so much for your support and best of luck!

Ger Hughes, Club Secretary

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Derek Murray
6 Jun 2024
2 8 12 21
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Weekly Winner: Roy Pearson
30 May 2024
4 5 15 23
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Weekly Winner: Mark McDaid
23 May 2024
1 11 16 17
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Weekly Winner: Sarah Oneill

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