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Salthill Devon is delighted to launch our participation in the FAI & SFAI Grassroots Fundraiser Lotto. This initiative will provide funding which will be used by the club to enhance our coaching development, purchase new equipment and invest in grassroots player development. These initiatives will help the club to develop all the young players to be the best they can be and achieve their potential. The recent facility rejuvenation provides the perfect springboard to build on.

Thank you so much for your support and the best of luck.

Pete Kelly, Club Pro

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Dave Donnell
1 Apr 2021
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Weekly Winner: Francis O Leary
25 Mar 2021
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Weekly Winner: David O'Leary
18 Mar 2021
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Weekly Winner: Colm Kennelly

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Grassroots Super Draw

Latest Draw Results
Prize 1 - Elite training session at Abbotstown - Winner Salthill Devon FC
Prize 2 -
New Ireland Jersey + FIFA 21 Game - Winner Ashford Rovers AFC


Our Grassroots Fundraiser is a very important and exciting initiative that will help football prosper across the country.

For clubs, it delivers an easier way of raising much needed funds to develop their football facilities, while also building a strong sense of community spirit.

For club members, their families and followers it makes it far easier to support the great work carried out daily by the unsung heroes of our game, the local volunteers. Also, they have a chance to win local jackpot prizes and money can't buy experience prizes.

I am particularly excited that Our Grassroots Fundraiser will bring football together by embracing modern technology to greatly strengthen the local game. Best of luck to you all.

Niall Quinn



The SFAI are delighted to team up with the FAI to launch Our Grassroots Fundraiser for our clubs.

This is an online club fundraiser that eases the pressure on club officials as it requires little work to raise much needed funds.

Club members can easily join to support their club and have a chance to win their club’s jackpot. Joining allows clubs access to the Grassroots Super Draw in which clubs can win substantial prizes to improve club facilities and also prizes of special football experiences.

Our Grassroots Fundraiser also raises funds for the SFAI to expand and develop our successful cup competitions.

John Earley

SFAI Chairman