Our Esker Celtic FC Fundraiser

Your contribution makes a big difference. Thank you

Since our founding in 1990, Esker Celtic's fundraising has been used to build the clubhouse, pay bills and ensure that every new and existing team, with its coaches and players, has the basic essentials to train and play the beautiful game.

While Esker has grown considerably over the past three decades, the club needs to raise funds for key investments in the coming years. Through the club's new Grassroots Fundraiser Lotto, contributions will be used to develop our player, manager and team development programme. These funds will help our coaches and players enhance their skills through the acquisition of training equipment and specialised tools to bring them and our teams on to 'the next level'.

As the club looks to 'step up' in its efforts, we want to express our gratitude once again and thank our community of volunteers and members who have worked so hard down the years to help us reach this aim.


Our new lotto is designed to put our club community first and give them the opportunity to be rewarded and recognised for their contribution towards making a difference for the club. Together, with your participation, we can proceed to even more exciting times and create fun memories at this club for all involved.

Support your club by signing up and inviting others to join in your club lotto.

Best wishes,

Paul Cleary
Chairperson of Esker Celtic Football Club